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Don Cupp
To all Developers,

64 bit? What are your thoughts?

We already have a 64 bit kernel, and the potential to compile some 64 bit components when need be. Should the forthcoming 6.0 branch be switched up to 64bit hardware minimums with support for 32bit applications?

Some facts to consider.

x86 has been available for

AMD since Opteron April 2003
Intel since Nocona June 2004
Via since Isaiah May 2008

More detail.....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64

So with those givens, and maybe a 2 year absorption rate, we could say that we have been completely 64 bit for

Via - 5 years
Intel - 9 years
AMD - 10 years

at or around April or May of 2015 when I hope that we are all standard on 6.x

This will not stop the current 5.x branches from working. Those will be available for a very long time. This is only in consideration for the future, making the best use of the hardware that will still be in use, the software that is coming out and the time it takes to maintain all of these things. ;)


Don Cupp

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