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Fwd: Feasibility and hopefully guide for converting laptop to thin client


I'd love to test out thinstation as a USB-boot option for a laptop that is currently having some OS issues (I'm not yet ready to blow it away, as it's not "mine"). I wanted to set up an RDP profile for my wife and have a fairly quick-boot option that uses the laptop hardware to connect to my home server and starts an RDP session to a profile on there.

I'm hoping for quick booting to connect to the RDP session over wireless (802.11/ac preferred)
I'm hoping for USB and touchscreen support (local laptop hardware)
I'm hoping it can be transparent to my wife, assuming network connectivity
I'm hoping to be able to try it (and let her try it) without having to touch the OS on the laptop as it is
I'd prefer to spend less than about 24 total hours setting this up :-/

All the hardware I wish to use is there, and I regularly use RDP from my tablet to my server - I think I just need the boot image for the laptop.

It looks like thinstation is something that will work well for this, but I'm not incredibly familiar with git, and only generally familiar with linux, though windows shells don't really intimidate me or anything. Is there a guide or a better forum for me to get started down this line of thought? Should I just dive in with build.conf and the wiki and ask questions?

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