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We are migrating from thinstation 2.2 to 5.4 and we have detected some problems with new version:
1.- local printing, usb and parallel, not working. We havetried same config used in thinstation 2.2
Package lprng




We are searching errors in spooler.log but any error.

Finally solved with two actions:

1- replaced /dev/printers/0 to /dev/lp0 to print from parallel

2- in lprng init add chmod to devices  /dev/usb/lp0 and /dev/lp0

Anybody can upload this two change to master repository to solve this bugs?

2.-  we use as ts workstation in session 0,and with thinstation 2.2 all boot log was recorded in ctrl+alt+f1, but with this version any is showed after the boot in f1 session, how can I do this?
3.-  we need to reduce as possible size and boot time, as similar as possible to 2.2 version. Now we are using xfce and rdesktop with hwlister, how can we reduce size and boot? Fastboot, initr compression,...?
4.-with package www we have an administartion site on port 6800 as it was described in 2.2, but with 5.4 without a shortcut to vnc remote control. We have enabled xorgvnc, how can we recover a shortcut from www to 5800 site?


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