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Issue in system-config-printer


I have installed Thinstation 5.5 package & have succesfully build new image.

I have included  system-config-printer package to manage printers.

When I am running the system-config-printer command in console,  I get following error :

../share/system-config-printer/  file not found.

while checking this /share/system-config-printer folder I  found   sytem-config-printer.pyc  file ( Python Compiled file)

In my build environment in packages folder,   the file is correct  .py   but in image file it gets compiled .

In am getting similar error in hpijs  package also.  Here all the bin files are linked to  .py  files, but they are compiled to .pyc files.

Since I am new to thinstation, please guide how to solve this error.

Ravi Modi
Email : [hidden email]


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