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Latest FreeRDP not autostarting on VPN


I have updated the freerdp package from git, to get the latest  
available freerdp version. The update worked without any problems.

Freerdp is enabled for autostart.

Now, when I bootup thinstation, freerdp starts, but I only get a black  
screen. I have made some more tests and also enabled xfwm4 and the  
terminal emulator. When I open the terminal emulator in xfwm4 and  
enter the "xfreerdp" command manually, everything works perfectly.  
Only the dialog-box and autostart of freerdp is not working properly.

How do I fix this, so I can use latest freerdp via autostart? Is there  
any way to add my own startup script and just run "xfreerdp /v:<IP>  
/f" without the dialog box?

One more important information: Somehow this problem only exists, when  
I use a terminalserver, that is on my VPN. The scenario is as follows:  
Thinstation is connecting via openvpn to a VPN. Then it tries to  
connect to a terminalserver inside of the VPN, but I get a black  
screen. But the connection to this terminal server inside the VPN is  
working from command line as mentioned above, somehow.

An autostart connection to a terminalserver that is NOT in the VPN  
network works without problems.

So, I don't know exactly if the problem is the VPN-connection or  
freerdp, since freerdp is working from command line :/ There are no  
hints in the logfiles.

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