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Missing Volumeicon after reboot

Hello, here's the latest issue.  I got my pc audio working.  However, after testing, I lost my volumeicon control next to toolbar clock.  Yet, I can still play youtube and hear it.  I have pulseaudio, pavucontrol and volumeicon turned on in my build. 

Here's the events:
1st boot:  Pc without webcam--volumeicon is on toolbar. Turned off system
2nd boot: Webcam plugged in. pc turned on.  Volumeicon control is on toolbar.  Turned off system.
3rd boot:  Webcam removed before booting.  Booted system.  No volumeicon control.  Have audio though in VDI.

All further reboots.  Still missing volume control on toolbar but have audio in VDI.  Where do I fix so Volumeicon always there?

Brian Koch

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