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Re: Dual Screen on thinstation for ICA client

Miles Roper
should be working in 2.1 and 2.2.  haven't tested for a while.

dual screen actually just works, script automatically detects second screen and card.  just make
sure you have both drives in the image if using two different cards, or use vesa as a backup.
haven't tested with ica.

TS 2.1 and 2.2 also support somewhat limited dualhead (still experimental, also better in 2.2 than 2.1)

please don't post to the general admin mailing list, but just general.
laer web wrote:

> Hello Guys,
> I'm looking for a thinclient solution with dualscreen
> feature. I have not found info about it in the FAQ
> section, but I have seen in mailing-list archives that
> some people have tested it.
> Can you say me which thinstation version you use ? And
> which parameters I have to insert in the conf file ?
> ...
> Is-it possible to share the "desktop" on the 2
> monitors ?
> Thx, and best regards
> Gildas
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