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subsequent <fanuelsen@...> writes:

> Im looking into HDUPDATER but im not sure i understand how to install
> thinstation locally on the thinclient.


The HDUPDATE package can update a thinstation over the network. I use it
with a tftp-server to update my thinstations (I don't use pxe-boot, my lines
are to slow).

If you would like to install a machine with thinstation from scratch
(because it has for example windows installed) then maybe you should look
how the INSTALLER package works.

I've created a package based on the INSTALLER package to install thinstation
locally. I've build a generic thinstation with this package and put this on
a USB drive with unetbootin. Then I build a thinstation image for our
environment (windows/citrix) and put this image in a subfolder on the USB drive.
When I boot a machine with this USB drive and start my installer script it
installs the selected thinstation image to the harddrive of the machine.



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