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Petry Roman, SHS-S IT-TS
Really noone using an other language as en ? or isn´t there a problem with other languages 8-)..


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Betreff: [Thinstation-general] xfce - native language support - EN / GERmixed

Hello all,
we use xfwm as our wm and some of our users complain the mismatch of the languages in some dialogs (english and german)8-).. We are here in Germany and LANG=de_DE.UTF_8 is used on the thinstations.. some dialogs are in german, others not.
I checked the Pkgfile of the xfce port and it uses:
./configure --disable-nls

Disable-nls -> disable native language support..

For the xfdesktop port the disable-nls is missing in the pkgfile.. is this the right setting to check ??

Anyone else seeing such things if they don´t us en as the default language ?

Some more packages with disable-nls..
[root@TS_chroot]/ts/ports/xfce# grep -i disable */Pkg*|grep -i nls
exo/Pkgfile:              --disable-nls
thunar-volman/Pkgfile:              --disable-nls \
thunar/Pkgfile:              --disable-nls \
tumbler/Pkgfile:              --disable-nls
xfburn/Pkgfile:       --disable-nls
xfce4-settings/Pkgfile:       --disable-nls
xfwm4/Pkgfile:          --disable-nls

Bye and thanks

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