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Spice clients support (remote-viewerpackage request)


I've been aware that thinstation was using spice. I just figured out it was using spicy, which is only for test purpose for developpers.

I'd like to ask if it was possible to integrate remote-viewer (based on virt-viewer) in Thinstation. (let's call this a "package request").

More and more people are looking for a thin client solution to connect to hypervisors (like Ovirt, RHEV, Openstack etc) with a VDI approach and Spice is a real nice protocol for this (much adapted than VNC I would say).

I see a lot of posts about this on most thin client OS solutions, but none seem to integrate it...I've seen some post here of people talking about a self packaging/compiling way to get remote-viewer working on thinstation, but it doesn't seem so simple...

I think a lot of people would be interested in this functionality and I hope someone will have some time to take care about it :)

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