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Steffen Ueberschaar
BTS Bürotechnik GmbH

Grimma OT Großbothen, 22. September 2015

Hello Don

I use Thinstation 5.4 as PXE-Boot (from DEVStation).
I have a Problem with the Thinstation-name.
I activate in build.conf "package ts-classic"
also i have in the PXE-root: boot/pxelinux
thinstation.hosts (with a mac from my thinclient)
never rename the host by boot.
(F2 -> looking: all files "not found")
Windows DHCP write only the Mac-adress, no name ts_(mac) (better the name from thinstation.hosts)
Can you help me?

Herzliche Grüße
Steffen Ueberschaar
BTS Bürotechnik GmbH   Grimmaer Str. 54   04668 Grimma OT Großbothen   Deutschland   [hidden email]   034384 72082   034384 72089


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