Trident Cyberblade i1 Video Driver

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Trident Cyberblade i1 Video Driver

Duncan Cleland

Hi all

I have been successfully using various versions of Thinstation at several local high schools for the last three years. It is a great product and I want to continue using it on a new, attractively price, VXL Itona hardware unit.


I am working with the VXL Itona thin client device that comes with an embedded Linux OS and a variety of thin client connection applications.

This embedded Linux OS identifies the Video card as a Trident Cyberblade i1.


My intention is to remove / disable the embedded Linux OS and run the latest stable version of ThinStation


Thinstation loads smoothly onto the VXL Itona when I use the VESA video driver. However this is limited to 8 bit colour.


When I build the Thinstation image with only the Trident video driver the boot process hangs at the point of cutting over to the video to connect to the Terminal Server.


Can someone please advise how I can get 16 bit colour from the VESA video driver OR successfully load the Trident video driver.


Kind regards

Duncan Cleland