Two suggestions about thinstation.conf... and build.conf files

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Two suggestions about thinstation.conf... and build.conf files

Eric Trezel


I'm using thinstation to setup different kind of thin clients we need (remote desktop connections, kiosk...). It's really the best solution I tested until now for this purpose. I Just wanted to expose two little suggestions, not essential, but just convenient.

First, about sessions numbering (SESSION_0, SESSION_1 ...). You can't have, for example SESSION_0, SESSION_1, and SESSION_3. If you do so, SESSION_0 and 1 will apply, but not 3. The missing SESSION_2 is the cause. It would be convenient to change this behaviour. For example, I create a "debug" group, that just add and xterm icon o the desktop. I want this group to be added to another one, for debuging time. For me, it should be something like SESSION_10, in order to be sure it does'nt take the place for another app of the group I want to debug.

Second suggestion : The param "desktop file" is defined in build.conf, and should maybe rather take place in thinstation.conf. It would allow to define a different background in groups conf files.

Nothing really urgent, as you see, just convenient suggestions. I understand there is a lot of more important stuff to deal with, but maybe one day... ;-)

Thanks for your precious work.



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