Untrusted View Connection on Ubuntu

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Untrusted View Connection on Ubuntu

Sahar Nassif



I have installed Thinstation 5.4 on (Ubuntu 14.04) VM and configured it to act as PXE/TFTP server


Then i installed VMware Horizon View Client 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

But when I try to my VMware view server and  get error message as below:

“Untrusted View Connection
Failed to connect to the View Connection Server. The server provided an invalid certificate:
The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect.”


Note: I can connect successfully, When I configure horizon view client to skip server certificate verification  and when I   connect via HTML5


Any idea how to verify/push my certificate into my Linux based Thinstation client? What is the missing part?



Thank you.
Best Regards

Sahar Nassif    Senior Systems Engineer 



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