WYSE 9150SE/Geode ACPI issue(?) with TS5.4/Kernel 4.1.x

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WYSE 9150SE/Geode ACPI issue(?) with TS5.4/Kernel 4.1.x

Ian Pitcher
I have a working TS5.3 config that works great with my WYSE 9150SE units (built with --kernel UP), but I can't get a nearly identical config to work with TS5.4 without disabling ACPI either by using "param acpisupport disable" in my build.conf or by manually adding "pci=noacpi" and/or "acpi=off" to the PXE config kernel commandline, with "irqpoll" added to keep devices like the USB ports working after booting.

I can supply a serial console dump of a failed boot if that will help.  I can build and boot from custom TS kernels, but I don't know where to start with config options to help alleviate this boot lockup. 

Any ideas? 

Ian Pitcher
Accumetrics Limited


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