Wallpaper defined in thinstation.conf files : I made it

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Wallpaper defined in thinstation.conf files : I made it

Eric Trezel

I use a many thinstation clients, on many departments, and I wanted to
have the ability to use background pictures, depending on the group of
machines, or why not at user's demand.

I found a simple way to do it : I just added a few lines in
package/base/thinstation.functions, and it works well : you just have to
use 2 options in thinstation.conf files (thinstation.conf.group...,
thinstation.network...) :

TFTP_BG_REP (the directory on tftp server where pictures can be found :
I put it in thinstation.network : it's the same for all PCS)

TS_BACKGROUND_FILE (the name of the file, in thinstation.conf.group files)

Here are the lines I added (between BEGIN ET and END ET). Feel free to
include it in future versions if you find it usefull :

use_wallpaper ()
         if is_enabled $USE_WALLPAPER && [ -e /bin/wmsetbg ] && [
"$WMNAME" != "xfwm4" ]; then

                 ## BEGIN ET
                 ## Read background options in thinstation.conf files
                 if [ ${TS_BACKGROUND_FILE} ]; then
                         if [ -n ${TFTP_BG_REP} ]; then
                         tftp -g ${SERVER_IP} -l /etc/background.jpg -r
                 ## END ET

                 if [ -f /etc/background.jpg ] ; then


Eric Trezel
Technicien de maintenance informatique
Direction du Système d'Information
Université de Limoges
123 Av. Albert Thomas, 87060 Limoges Cedex
Tél : 05 87 08 08 41
Num de poste : 38 41
Accueil : 05 87 08 08 00
Web : http://www.unilim.fr/

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