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Виктор Карабедянц

Dear, help to understand with the printer, on the client as it{he} does not want to print on him{it} do{make} according to the Manual I Quote:

How to network-share a thin-client printer

In thinstation.conf uncomment the following lines:

PRINTER_0_NAME = "parallel"

PRINTER_0_DEVICE =/dev/printers/0


... now, your thin-client parallel port is network shared.

To use this printer, add in your server a local printer associated with

a network port; the main steps, on a W2000 server, are:

- add a new printer

- select "local" (do not select " autodetect plug and play printer ")

- create a new " standard TCP/IP " type port

- next

- IP address: insert the address of the thin-client

- port type: " Hewlett Packard Jet Direct "

- next

- now select the correct printer driver, and finish...

Only I am unique use windows 2003, I try also it turns out nothing, At me model of printer EPSON LX-300 when I come on the console I I do not see in/dev/ the device printer and anything on an example lp0 Please Help me ! the client version is 2.1.3