how to mount harddisk in ts5.4

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how to mount harddisk in ts5.4


Hello everyone:

      I want to ask a question but my english is poor ,what can i do !

      I try install ts5.4 to hard disk use syslinux,and set conf.user in hard disk,but when i boot from my hard disk,ts can not find conf.user,i have set storge_config1 to /dev/sda/part1 ,use_net_file=off in conf.buildtime,then i press ctrl alt f2 and login to root,i run "ls -al /mnt",i only find home dir here,there is no ha* or sd*,why ? how can i mount my hard disk to here,i have use hd_mount=true,but nothing happened,i have try add udev_root,and udev_rules set in udev.conf before my build,but nothing happen,i also want to mount another partion to save something,what to do for this?anyone can help me?

Thank you very much! 

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