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hwlister GUI and send files by email personal package

Eric Trezel

I will have a large amount of thinstation clients to manage, with many collegues who will have to use it on many kind of machines.
To make it easier for them to send me informations about their PCs, I wrote a little app providing a gui that lets them send me this data.
I add it to my allmodules build.
Here is a link to download it and try, if you're interested (link valid for one month only):

You just have to untar it in the 'packages' directory and read the README file to know how to use it.
See the screenshot in attachment (the linked version has been translated into english).


Eric Trezel
Technicien de maintenance informatique
Direction du Système d'Information
Université de Limoges
123 Av. Albert Thomas, 87060 Limoges Cedex
Tél : 05 87 08 08 41
Num de poste : 38 41
Accueil : 05 87 08 08 00
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