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using ICEWM in Thinstation

I have a question about using ICEWM with Thinstation.  I originally used XFWM4 to setup VMWARE to my environment.  It works fine.

Then, I tried to change the environment to ICEWM.  I used the basic presets in the package file for ICEWM to create my environment.  ICEWM put the 2 firefox shortcuts that I created on the desktop without issue.  However, they were tiny shortcuts.  It also didn't put the VMWAREPCOIP icon on the desktop.  

Q1:  Can anyone provide the best ICEWM display settings for Thinstation?  I will be shutting off the start menu and just have shortcuts on the desktop.  I can shut off the start menu so that isn't a problem.  I'm basically trying to figure out why there wasn't a VMWare icon on the desktop post-build.

Q2:  The other weird effect that I'm trying to resolve is that when changing from XFWM4 to ICEWM, the default background from XFWM4 was still showing when I created my ICEWM build.  I had commented out ALL XFWM4 commands.  I had seen the original ICEWM background during an earlier build so I know the background wrong.  Is there an folder/file that I can clean out in Thinstation that will reset any previous build settings that carry over into future ones?  I would rather clear a folder or file out than have to reinstall Thinstation from scratch just to clear a setting.

Brian Koch


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